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DVE HD Basics Reviews Product of the week, February 15, 2013: "Joe Kane is a legendary expert in electronic imaging and video display technologies. As a result he and his team have developed an extensive high definition video test disc that will enable you to get the most out of your video display device as well as providing an assortment of audio test signals for fine tuning your home theater audio system. 

Video tests include basic video calibration, such as brightness, contrast, color, resolution, and geometry, gray scale, and overscan, as well as more advanced tests and demonstration footage designed for getting the most out either a 720p or 1080p display. Digital Video Essentials is a very comprehensive reference test disc that will enable you to get the most out of your home theater. 

Very highly recommended. For a complete rundown on the disc, as well as purchasing information, go to the DVE HD Basics Webpage."

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"Joe Kane's test discs have become a staple in the toolkit of most installers and reviewers as well as enthusiasts who want the best possible picture from their displays. HD Basics builds on this legacy to provide the most user-friendly set of test materials to date."


 "DVE-HD Basics represents a positive step forward in the evolution of the DVE test disk.  It’s by far the easiest DVE version to use to date.  There are a few quirks with skipping backwards through patterns (going forward is not problem), but the menu system makes it easy to go to any pattern.  What’s impressive about this disk is that it truly can be used by anyone interested in making their HD display look better.  It’s a highly recommended addition to your BD library."

"Overall this disk remains the industry standard and while many might wish for even more refinement to the menus or even broader selection of audio tracks and included demo material, it gets the job done better than any other disk I’ve tried and there is no denying its technical accuracy or the qualifications of its creators. I definitely consider this a ‘Recommended’ disk but note that it is far from perfection, there are many facets that can bear improvement. Two things I truly hope are included in the next version include multiple compressed and uncompressed audio choices and something a bit more exciting on the low frequency effects end of the spectrum, as gunfire and explosions and such should surely be included among the demo material as these are among the best uses of this technology outside of their musical capabilities."
"Although presented in a highly technical manner that could prove frustrating for novices, the information in Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics is extremely valuable. The Blu-ray disc not only explains many home theater principals, it’s packed with video test patterns and audio test signals that will help average users hone the settings on their equipment."
"The best thing about Joe Kane Productions’ DVE HD Basics home theater calibration Blu-ray disc is how easy it is to use. The instructions are clear and concise, and it will help you with everything from cable connections to placement of speakers to video and audio calibration. It’s an affordable resource that everyone with an HDTV should own."

"If you have a Blu-ray player, you should buy this disc. That's all there is to it. It supplies nearly all you need to set up your sound and video systems, and helps you understand how to do it. There are three sets of video running to a total of 126 minutes that will leave you ... not an expert, but someone with a decent understanding of how to use the supplied test patterns to make your display produce a better, more accurate picture. Only a professional trained by the Imaging Sciences Foundation-trained could improve it. Included in the package are three colour filters to help you use the test patterns to best advantage."

"...While DVE: HD Basics will make it possible to achieve significantly better images than you can achieve without it, professional calibration will produce even better image quality. Consider DVE: HD Basics the minimum you should do to get more from your video display. It can even be used for periodic fine-tuning of a calibrated video display. But using instrumentation reveals things about the performance of video displays you just can’t find or fix by eye. Thus, even if you are going to get a professional calibration, you’ll still want to have a copy of DVE: HD Basics. This is one disc that should be in everybody’s collection."

"Once you see Blu-ray at its best (especially from the discs we highly recommend all over this site) on a properly calibrated HDTV via this Joe Kane release and you start watching, you realize without words that hardly anyone has seen High Definition at its best and all those other supposed options are by those who don’t know better, have never seen the unbelievable playback the format can deliver or don’t care and just like to talk.

Fortunately, people like Joe Kane, his crew and ours do care, which is why discs like HD Basics are produced and sell so well.  It is also because people still love films, TV, concerts and other programming in the highest quality program that does the work for you so you can enjoy it even more.  That is what the Home Theater experience is all about and that is why releases like this are must-own and arrive in every format so no one is left out."


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