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Replacement Filter for Digital Video Essentials

Replacement Filter for Digital Video Essentials

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This is the JKP-developed tricolor filter for use with all versions of Digital Video Essentials.  The listed price is for customers who do not own DVE HD Basics.  If you already own DVE and need a replacement filter, please contact us.  You may qualify for a much lower replacement price, currently approximately $5, including shipping.

There is a limit of one filter per customer if using a replacement discount to purchase a filter.   Group discounts on filters are not available.

We made a conscious decision to not be in business of selling filters.  While DVD International sold filters to anybody, they also went out of business.  We, on the other hand, plan on sticking around. If you need filters for a group or class, we can offer group discounts on discs.  Even at full price, it's a tremendous value.   

Again, if you need a replacement filter, we will tell you how to prove ownership so you can still get the replacement rate. 

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