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Girl Scout Cookies from my kids

Girl Scout Cookies from my kids

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OK, so I went a little overboard buying girl scout cookies from my daughters' troop.  I need to get rid of them before I eat them all when I take the dogs out late at night.   Willpower is gone in the wee hours of the morning. 

So, it seems like a good idea to include them for free with any order within the USA.  If you are outside of the USA, you can have your free cookies, but you need to pay shipping or pick them up in New Jersey.  

I'm using a picture of the Thin Mints variety to tempt you, but we are not associated with Girl Scouts aside from the fact that my wife is a troop leader and my daughters are both daisies.  

We reserve the right to substitute another type of cookie if we run out (or accidentally eat your cookies).
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