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Free Girl Scout Cookies!

Free Girl Scout Cookies!

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OK, so I went a little overboard buying girl scout cookies from my daughters' Troop #96505 in NJ.  I need to get rid of them before I eat them all when I take the dogs out late at night.   Willpower is gone in the wee hours of the morning.  I'm what you call a "finisher."  Once the seal is broken, the box of cookies is finished.  Maybe you can relate.

Anyway, it seems like a good idea to include them for free with any order within the USA.  If you are outside of the USA, you can have your free cookies, but you need to pay shipping or pick them up in New Jersey.  

I'm using a picture of the Thin Mints variety wearing a girl scout sash in the product description to tempt you, but we are not associated with Girl Scouts aside from the fact that my wife is a troop leader and my daughters are both daisies.  

We reserve the right to substitute another type of cookie if we run out (or accidentally eat your cookies).   We are a nut-free household, so we don't have any cookies with nuts.  

This line is a test to see how well you are at reading underlined instructions. Please don't add the cookies from this page. You will be charged.  

Instead, please wait for the FREE offer to come up during checkout.  Technically speaking, you could order some cookies and get more free cookies during checkout. If this turns into a problem, I might have to change it.

Update 1: It turned into a problem. If you do this, I will void the order.  

Update 2: Seriously, people? Now I'm setting the price at a million dollars because nobody is paying attention and trying to game the system. We're not a dotcom burning VC cash. :)  Please just take the free cookies and be happy with that. 

Update 3: I'm forced to remind people that the limit is 1 per customer. 

Update 4: OK, I'm one step ahead of you jackals.  Removing the actual product from the cart will no longer leave free cookies for you. 

Update 5: No, we will not give you an extra discount if you don't want the cookies.

Update 6: We are not J.C. Penney.  If you try to combine coupons so we owe you cookies and somehow the order total is now negative, we are not sending you the product, free cookies and a check for the balance. 

Update 7: Multiple orders will be voided.

Anyway, it's easy:

1) Select the free cookies you want with your purchase
2) Wait for the cookies (sorry no cookie downloads available, although you will receive cookies even if you order downloads!)
3) Eat the cookies, while watching fish on a perfect-optimized TV!

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