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BluScenes: Underwater Cozumel with Digital Copy Download

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Filmed by cinematographer and underwater enthusiast, Randy Travis, BluScenes Underwater Cozumel will take you to Cozumels renowned underwater habitats, such as Palancar Gardens, Santa Rosa Wall, Paradise Reef, and Paso del Cedral through the eyes of an experienced scuba diver.

Explore an underwater world in 1080p high definition video, and float effortlessly through crystal clear waters and over colorful reef formations as you explore Cozumel's exotic marine life.In addition to the main program, this disc includes two aquarium-style lockdown scenes allowing you to turn your television into a window to the sea.


You can seamlessly loop each chapter and enjoy the specially-commissioned ambient soundtrack with numerous surround and stereo audio options, or choose the play all option with a total runtime of 72 minutes.

Resolution: 1920x1080 / 1080p24
Codec: AVC
Source Material: Sony HVR-V1U + Canon T2i / Cineform NeoHD Files
Sound Options: 7.1 DTS-HD MA, 5.1 Dolby Digital
Managed Copy: Supported
Menus: Full-motion root & in-movie pop-up
Runtime: 100 Minutes
Region: All Blu-ray players & PS3


As a special bonus, we now give you a free instant download of this disc in 720p when ordered from our site.   The Blu-ray is still 1080p and of much higher quality, but we had to reduce the size of the downloads and make them small enough to play on portable media devices and home devices such as Apple TV and Roku.
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