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BluScenes Coral Reef Aquarium Blu-ray with Digital Copy Download

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Thanks for making Coral Reef Aquarium the Bestselling Aquarium Blu-ray Disc in the world! 


The cinematographers at BluScenes combined the renowned coral reef tanks of Advanced Aquarist and Senior Editor of Reefs Magazine, Randy Donowitz, with the crystal-clear image quality of the RED One 4k camera to create the ultimate Coral Reef Aquarium Blu-ray Disc. Featuring three unique and colorful aquarium tanks, teeming with amazing fish dancing before a canvas of living coral. You can seamlessly loop each chapter and enjoy the specially- commissioned ambient soundtrack with numerous surround and stereo audio options or experience the soothing hum of each aquarium tank.

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Play a trick on your guests: At about 18:30 minutes into the first tank, we dropped a little bit of fish food into the upper lefthand corner of the tank. Set your watch alarm when you start the disc and tell your friends that it's time to feed the fish. Watch the fish, and your guests go crazy.
So, how else is this disc different from other aquarium discs?
  • 1080p content shot on a RED One camera 
  • The tanks and lighting were designed by an advanced aquarist, and look more like real coral tanks, because they are real coral reef tanks. Coral reefs tend to be very close to the surface and in sunny climates.
  • Seamless looping allows you to play the disc infinitely and it's very difficult to find the looping point.

As a special bonus, we now give you a free instant download of this disc in 720p when ordered from our site.   The Blu-ray is still 1080p and of much higher quality, but we had to reduce the size of the downloads and make them small enough to play on portable media devices and home devices such as Apple TV and Roku.


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