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MediaLight Bias Lighting

MediaLight Bias Lighting Installation

Welcome 2020 visitors.

We can’t make 2020 suck any less but we can help to get your new MediaLight working properly. We’ll turn the year around in the second half! 

MediaLight Mk2 Series customers click here for updated instructions!*

*And if you bought the old one not knowing that we had a new version coming on July 1, apparently pop-up warnings are not as effective as we’ve been led to believe. :)

Contact us by chat.  We’ve extended our exchange window to 65 days for EXACTLY this situation. Don’t fret! (unless it’s day 66). 

Instructions for MediaLight Version 1:

In addition to our basic installation guidelines, we are available via our web chat (on the lower right hand corner of the screen).  If you let us know about your setup (you can even upload a photo), we will send personalised instructions for your setup.  

People are using the MediaLight in ways that we had not even anticipated, and we hope to include more tips as customers share them with us.

The following video shows you the various parts of the MediaLight Bias Lighting System.  The unit being demonstrated is the MediaLight Quad, because it has the most components.  Not mentioned in the video are the velcro wraps and included wire mounting clips that you can use to tidy up any loose wires. 

What's in the box and how to I assemble it all? (Quad shown as an example):

How to position the infrared receiver for optimal performance:


How to turn the corners with the new MediaLight Flex

How bright should the MediaLight be (click here for more details)?

Here are the most common questions:

If there are crevices or indentations for access panels or connections. you should try to avoid them, but if you can't, you can bridge the lights over those indentations. Also, be sure not to cover any vents on the back of the TV. 
Contrary to a lot of (mis)information on the web about LED strips, you don't need to go around the entire edge of the display, extending to every corner.  If there are gaps, the LEDs are powerful enough that they will diffuse to fill in the  corners. The Quad uses a size of LED called 5050 instead of the typical 3528 found on most commodity "TV mood lights".  They are 2.5x larger and there are 50% more LEDs per meter than lesser brands, so this results in higher output in most situations.
That's it! You should now be ready to enjoy your MediaLight 6500K Bias Lighting System.  If you have any questions, please use our chat (on the lower right hand of the screen) to contact us.