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Framium FAQ

Are all Frāmium HDTV frames custom made?
Yes! All High Definition Frames are manufactured to the exact dimensions of your television. Just give us your make and model number at checkout. Our experienced framers will handle the rest.  

How much does Frāmium cost?
$249. Every High Definition Frame is the same price, regardless of which style you choose, or what size television you have, and you receive a free voucher good for $75 worth of Scenic Labs discs. 

How are you able to sell Frāmium for so much less than everyone else?

Simply put - we just don't charge as high of a mark up as everyone else, and we have developed manufacturing processes that save money. We pass those savings on to you.

Does my TV need to be mounted on the wall to be framed?
Although your TV doesn't need  to be mounted to the wall, we recommend that it is. Some TV pedestal stands will accommodate enough clearance and room for the width of Frāmium (approximately 3.5 inches).

What are Frāmium HDTV Frames made of?
All of our frames are made of eco-friendly polymer moulding. Frāmium sources the best materials, at the best possible prices, to be able to provide our customers with the most cost effective, high quality TV frames available on the market.

Why aren't your frames made of wood?

Frāmiumpolymer frames are lightweight and warp-resistant,. By using polymer moulding, we get the look and feel of wood, without unnecessary cutting down any trees.

How do I install my Frāmium HDTV Frame?
Installation is extremely easy and simple. Frāmium includes a patented corner tab system. Simply slip your TV through each of the four tabs. No screws or tools are needed.

What happens if the frame I choose doesn't match my décor?
Simply send it back and we will give you a refund. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Will my Frāmium HDTV Frame affect my speakers or remote control signal?
No way! Your remote and sound will be awesome.

How long will it take for me to receive my Frāmium?
Please expect 3-4 weeks for production and shipping of your frame.
I have a specific question not listed here!
Send us a note on our contact page. One of our expert framers will reach out to answer any questions you may have.
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