Maker of colour management solutions. 

Scenic Labs has the ambient TV solution for business.

Scenic Labs' products are designed for both personal and business use, and that's why we include a public display license with each and every BluScenes disc.  If you manage a bar, a restaurant, a spa, salon, doctor's office, or literally any business where you work with the public you can safely use our discs for public display on a one-screen-per-disc basis* with no further licenses or worries.  Additionally, if you use our discs in lieu of other sources of music (i.e. in a lobby), and play no other music other than what we provide, you will not owe music licensing fees to organizations such as ASCAP and BMI. 

BluScenes are created entirely from professionally-graded 1080p footage and accompanied by lossless audio soundtracks.  For discs comprised of nature scenes, there is always an option to listen to nature sounds only, music only, or both nature sounds and music. 

Only BluScenes discs are designed, across the entire product line, with public display in mind, for a true "set and forget" experience. When you choose "loop mode" from the easy-to-use menu, the disc will literally loop forever.   All Scenic Labs content is 100% free of editorial, political or religious views, objectionable language, nudity, suggestive behavior and violence of any sort (i.e. no predatory animal nature scenes) and is approved for ages 0-129. 

*Each BluScenes disc includes a single-screen license.  If you are playing on multiple TVs, you can play a different disc on each screen.  For larger, multiple screen and closed-circuit installations, such as our Tranquility Channel for hospitals and long term care facilities, please contact us for bulk licenses.

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