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MediaLight Bias Lighting

MediaLight 6500K Bias Lighting System



July 1, 2020: We have a new range of products called MediaLight Mk2 with CRI ≥ 98 (TLCI 99) and a wider range of sizes. The MediaLight Mk2 costs less on a per-meter and accessory basis than the MediaLight Original with better specs. Please check out The MediaLight Mk2 to see if it is a better fit. 

Please note: The MediaLight Mega 12v is designed for larger installations and does not run off USB. It includes a 12v AC adapter and infrared dimmer. 

The MediaLight Eclipse includes an in-line dimmer (without a wireless remote)  It is compatible with our add-on remotes, but is designed for use with computer monitors. 

Our MediaLight Edge twin strips are perfect for your wall mounted TV, or in situations where there is not enough distance for the light to disperse to the edges of the screen. Our single 140cm strip is ideal for TV's on stands or installations where you want to illuminate a larger area for a less pronounced "halo" effect.

Whichever version you choose, all MediaLight Bias Lighting Systems include:

  • High-accuracy 6500K CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature)
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+ 
  • 5V USB Powered (can be powered by any TV with a USB port)
  • Included AC Adapter (not needed, but useful if USB ports are limited)
  • Included wire routing clips (to keep things tidy)
  • Included Infrared PWM dimmer (Eclipse includes a non-remote dimmer)
  • HDR Ready!
  • Peel and stick authentic 3M mounting adhesive
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • No silicone coatings because our lights are not designed for aquariums or underwater use!

Our bias lights are custom built with SMD's (LED's) of the highest quality and accuracy. We may not be able to make all of your dreams come true, but we can at least solve your bias light problems. Your search for an accurate 6500K bias light ends now. 

We guarantee our accuracy.


Ask a Question
  • Hi. TV is mounted 3" from the wall. I do not have access to the USB outlet. Are there wires from the Adapter which would be plugged into the power strip. Or would this product be a good solution for someone with a mounted TV that can not be moved?

    Most units, except for the Flex, have a 6 foot cable and include an AC adapter.   The Flex and Eclipse don't include AC adapters.   The Flex only has an 18" cable.  The Eclipse has an 12" cable but also includes a 4 foot USB extension. 

  • Do you sell your products to customers in Austria compatible with EU electrical system

    Yes, from www.shopfsi.eu or www.biaslighting.co.uk