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Attention AVS Forum visitors and Home Theater Cruise attendees:

Just posting a quick note in acknowledgement of the hits we just started receiving as of today, November 21.  We will begin posting updates on the blog after the US Thanksgiving Holiday.  
A re-release of HD Basics has been in the works for some time, although due to the breakdown of the prior distributor, DVD International, we had to create a new master, and reconstruct the artwork for the packaging. 
This has all been completed.  The disc was not re-authored from scratch. We worked with Deluxe to obtain what we needed to create and verify a new master.  The filters are coming from the same manufacturer.   The discs are also being replicated at the same facility where they were made previously and where we have also replicated our products for the last 3 years. 

We expect to have a check disc within approximately 5 business days.  As soon as we approve it, we will place a firm release date on HD Basics, probably a few weeks later.  We are able to provide this estimate with a very high level of confidence.   

As Joe explained, the region coding is gone, and Scenic Labs is also firmly in the anti-region coding camp as a company.   The new disc package looks essentially the same, even though none of the original art was used, but be advised that there is a new UPC for the re-release, and it is: 799975010014.  There is also a new AACS certificate and a new ISAN.   Technically, the only other change to the disc itself is the addition of what is colloquially referred to as a "PS3 thumbnail" of the JKP logo (pictured above).  

The booklet has been similarly redone, with the main changes being that the new booklet shows the updated cover and the defunct DVD International customer support links have been replaced with working links.

We will support customers who purchased from DVD International who might be overdue for support, although we are still working out the specifics, and more importantly the logistics (replacement filters, etc).  This doesn't extend to any non-received product from DVD International, as the correct mechanism for that would have been a credit card chargeback. 

We are very excited to be working with Joe Kane and know that he has some great things planned.  I worked with him when I was the director of marketing at DVD International, but the DVDI connection to my company ends there (I left 3 years before they ceased operations). Nevertheless, we know that it is extremely important to Joe that his customers be supported regardless of where the disc was purchased or published.  

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the cruise if you are lucky enough to be going!

Warm Regards,
Jason Rosenfeld 
Owner, Scenic Labs 

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