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New! Higher Quality Downloads

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

We recently increased the bitrate on all of our downloads.  While they take about 3x longer to download, they are good enough for TV use.  How good?  Well, they are still 720p compared to 1080p, but we can safely say that they look better than many of our competitors' Blu-ray discs.  

They are preset as "music videos," so if you are using an Apple TV, you will find them under the "Music" section of "My Computer."  Why music videos?  Because music videos are the only videos that Apple TV will allow you to loop.  These videos also look great on Roku and other devices.

What's next?  We are adding true Blu-ray quality downloads to our site.  The downloads will be as good as the discs (but equally huge).  We still haven't determined how to price them.  They will probably cost a bit extra (bandwidth costs y'all!) but they will still cost less than the discs on their own (and will be available with the discs - again, possibly with a slight surcharge). 

Still, unless you are anal-retentive and have to stand THISCLOSE to the TV to look for artifacts (and that's actually a lot of our customers), the 720p versions are probably good for most needs. 

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