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Note to Torrent Site Visitors.

Posted on May 07, 2012 by Scenic Labs | 2 comments


You know, we always hear about how piracy doesn't cost us any sales and that it's actually a great promotional tool, but interestingly it's always the pirates who are saying that. We cannot stop people from making their own decisions, and we're not trying to stop you from living your life.  

And honestly, the fact is that I guess that we don't have an answer as to what is right or wrong more than anybody else does. There are some countries where the laws about piracy are very murky.  On the other hand, there are other places, like the USA, where the laws are ridiculously restrictive.

Personally, I think that groups such as AACS and MPAA are more harmful than the pirates because they DO cost us real money on each disc that we sell. When we're not paying mandatory fees, like the mandatory $.04 per disc AACS "tax," they are also restricting how we do business.  Basically, they are freeloaders who make life harder for everybody.  It's a nice racket if you can get it.  And I do believe that this is an appropriate use of the word "racket."

In fact, we gave up on waiting for managed copy and we were never invited to the UltraViolet party.  In reality, the UltraViolet party looks like a pretty lame party.  So, when you order our discs, we give you instant access to our files in unprotected.mp4 format.  It works on everything.  

There, Hollywood, was that so hard?

What bothers me is that many pirates, like the MPAA and AACS, seem to be little more than freeloaders who might be overestimating their worth. We don't like to deal with freeloaders because they tend to make things worse for society as a whole.  As the owner of Scenic Labs, in addition to my own personal opinion, I must consider the rights of our content providers, which is why I am making the following request:

It would be VERY COOL, even if you don't have the money to buy this disc, IF YOU LIKE IT, perhaps consider writing a review where some paying customers might actually see it, like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or if you still have independent video outlets in your town, tell them to carry the discs. We do believe that there is a monetary value to positive word of mouth. So perhaps, even if you don't end up buying our products yourself, maybe your opinion will lead to somebody else buying them, and in this way you are actually directly helping our company. 

Again, when I saw tens of thousands of torrent links coming to our site last night, I temporarily pulled our site offline until I figured out what was going on. For a minute there, I was ready to just pack it in. However, I really do think that people are basically good. I certainly know that all of you were not going to buy this Fractal disc today because we simply have not sold 20,000 yet. Thieves? No. Freeloaders? I think that's a reasonable assessment.  Not criminal, but just as lame as the MPAA and AACS.

So anyway, if you like what you downloaded, please consider buying some of our products, and if you can't swing that financially, consider leaving a review where somebody with the financial means might be convinced by your gifts of persuasion (we're talking $20 here, this is not The Complete Lost Collection, folks!) Also, consider buying some fractal prints from the artist during our next sale on June 6.  We realize that times are tough, and we're very thankful to all of the amazing people who have supported our company, either by buying our products or spreading the word.

Please also realize, that you are downloading a shitty 3GB file and the original disc is approximately 20GB, so your version (I've downloaded it tonight) would never be approved by our company!*  It looks like it was run through a fax machine.


Jason Rosenfeld
On behalf of the Scenic Labs team.

*This is not an invitation to pirate a 20GB version.

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  • John Kalla

    Fantastic post! Heard about it on Tech News Today (TNT) podcast. Promptly bought three discs. Good luck!

  • Dan

    Re your comment on torrent site visitors, just thought you would like to know one of those torrent site visitors just purchased one of your compendiums (from New Zealand) as I was so impressed with the “shitty 3GB version” I decided I wanted a higher quality version with more scenes so hopefully more people will be thinking like me and treat it as a try before you buy, great work by the way.


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