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Oh the times they are a-changin'

Posted on March 22, 2012 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments
Spring is almost here, and change is already in the air at Scenic Labs.  In the next week we'll be launching a new site, and we're also signing an exclusive distribution agreement with one of the world's largest and most diverse entertainment distributors.  

Things won't change very much at first, but within the coming months, you can expect to see a reenergized and expanded Scenic labs.  It will also be much easier to find our products on pretty much any website.  As this is not the kind of product that most brick and mortar video retailers offer, you'd still have to special order the discs at most brick and mortar stores.  

Also of note, our entire catalog is being released in the UK on March 28 (why it's a Wed release date escapes me - I thought that entertainment products were released on Tuesdays).  Our new site will also be offering FREE 2-day shipping to the UK (and 5 days to the rest of Europe).  We'll also offer 2 day shipping on our other discs, but it won't be free under a certain order size.  And because the orders will ship from the UK, there will be no customs fees.  I still haven't quite figured out the whole VAT thing, so there's no VAT either, until we figure it out or somebody in the EU comes after us. :)

I'd like to end this post by, once again, thanking you for being a customer.  We're hoping that our distribution deal will make it possible to offer a much larger selection of ambient content. 



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