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Oh, hello again!

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Scenic Labs | 0 comments

Wow, what a whirlwind year.  First, let me begin by apologizing about not posting to the blog in quite some time.  To make up for it, We'll be sure to post two times a day from now on.

:-) Anyway, we were working on some projects. 

Knowhow Picture Perfect

First and foremost, if you live in the United Kingdom or Republic or Ireland, you can head over to your local Currys PC World and pick up a copy of Knowhow Picture Perfect.  Knowhow brings an unprecedented level of usability to home theater optimization, and it's all based on the tried-and-true methodology and imaging expertise of Joe Kane Productions.  Yes, this is for all of the people who love the results but might find the original DVE hard to use. 

Filmed in London, with guided menus and an approachable and an all-new "recommended set up," Picture Perfect is, by far, the most user-friendly optimization program ever created.   Usable without being patronizing, there are no attempts at calibration puns or "for dummies" instructions.  Instead, it's an enriching and rewarding experience.  You'll get great results and you will learn some things you didn't know. 

The entire program has been rebuilt from the ground up and everything was done under the watchful eye of Joe Kane.    And, of course, if you are looking for the advanced content, all of the great information is still there (moved to an "advanced" section), with some updated information, new polish and a brand new, decidedly British narration.  

If you are interested in distributing this disc in your region, feel free to drop us a line. 

Digital Video Essentials UHD version 0.9 (Yes, there's now a DVE for 4K)

Scenic Labs, LLC, in cooperation with Joe Kane Productions and Gary Demos’ Image Essence, LLC, announces the release of Joe Kane Productions’ Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 as a USB 3.0 thumb drive for industry professionals in urgent need of the tools to accurately assess the next-generation of content creation and home theater products. Digital Video Essentials UHD is available for professionals today for $150.



The materials on the Digital Video Essentials UHD v 0.9 drive are divided into two categories; test signals and still images. Up to this point in the consumer world, video bit depth has been limited to 8 bits, and while DVE UHD certainly includes 8-bit patterns in a variety of formats for plug-and-play compatibility with USB-enabled 4K Smart TVs, and .bmp-capable pattern generators, it also includes lossless 16-bit High Dynamic Range .exr files to allow the flexibility for use in any demanding UHD 4K workflow.

Jason Rosenfeld, President of Scenic Labs, says, “The faithful reproduction of film and broadcast content has been the unifying theme behind all of Joe Kane’s work, as a producer, industry leader and consumer advocate for better home theater standards. In teaming up with another industry legend, Gary Demos, one of the fathers of modern computer-generated special effects, they’ve created a collection of test materials that are up to the task of running the next generation of home theater hardware and software through its paces.”

You can read the whole press release over here...



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